Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting off the New Year with a "Blog"! #Blogging

Happy New Year!
Here's to a great and goal filled 2014!

I decided to start a new blog! I used to write a parenting blog, Loving Heart Mommy, but this year I want my writing to have a different edge and I plan on covering many different subjects, topics, and the like. 

Now that the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us, its time for a fun filled year with what I hope for all many goals and accomplishments! I know we all have had our New Years resolutions but many of those thought out goals are never really finished by the beginning of the next year. This year I aim to actually accomplish my goals and to keep moving forward, becoming bolder and brighter each day! Not only do I have goals planned for myself but also for my family. 

I have a lot to plan and prepare for! Just to name a few, my daughter will be starting Kindergarten this Fall, I will be "hopefully" entering into Health Sciences at my local college. My daughter will continue her services for her Autism as will my son. I need to be able to juggle my very busy family life and my career oriented one, as well as keeping the peace and helping my children grow developmentally. 

I have a few normal goals for myself as well. On most of our lists this year is staying fit, getting in shape, staying strong and healthy. Eating better and healthier. I usually stay on top of this for myself due to my Crohn's Disease but with a house full of children we tend to just do what is convenient and what is not always the best solution for a healthy diet. I aim to have healthy meals planned out, I'm not against snacks or all fast type foods but as long as we are incorporating more of a healthy diet in our lives the better we will feel and the healthier we will become. Good nutrition is always best for growing minds. 

I know our Spring breaks and our Summer vacations will be fun filled, most likely trips to the beaches, mountains, water park, skating rink, plenty of outdoor fun! I want the children to become interested in getting out on the lake, fishing, tubing. I loved fishing and tubing as a child, still do! 

I have thought about some extra-curricular activities for the family. For example dance for my children and myself (Swing), cheer, gymnastics, karate (I wouldn't mind doing karate again as well), swimming is a plus as well because my children are still learning to swim. 

Well enough about my goals. What are yours? Do you have any goals you want to achieve for you and your family this year?  I'm off to put up the Christmas decor, because we all know Valentine's Day, while short lived is right around the corner and its always fun to celebrate, regardless if the holiday is small or big, its all about celebrating something fun together!


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