Monday, October 6, 2014

Brisk cool mornings..Hello Fall!

This morning was the coolest (low 40's) we have awakened to since the first day of Fall. The nights have been starting to get chilly and I knew that the temperatures would drop and the cold air would creep upon us! 

The weather has been a tease since Summer. Nice warm and sunny days, not much humidity which was a lovely change in Eastern North Carolina. We've had our rainy days, days where we needed it and other days when you look up to the sky and just shake your head! 

Pumpkin picking at a local farm, we dressed in long sleeved button down flannel style shirts while the temperatures where close to the mid 80's. I was burning up out there! Fall just wasn't ready to chill us just yet but it keeps slowly creeping along. This week we will have cool brisk chilly nights that run into the early morning hours but highs of the day close to the 80's. Weather tease I tell you! 

I'm half in and half out with my closet wardrobe... Still have many summery items out and I'm starting to dig for the fall fashions for those cooler days. I've been trying to pack away the Spring/Summer styles just to fill the closet with Fall/Winter attire! Its a process, I tell you that! 

Just wanted to ramble a bit about my morning. I'm off to find a hoodie, its still a bit chilly out!

Continue to read on and much more writing from this scattered mind to come!

Kristinia C.