Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Behind the Blog - About Me

Strategically Thinking's - Kristinia C.

I have been writing online for many years, it first started when I was a pre-teen and then evolved into something more serious. I actually had a blog in my teen years, back then I did graphic design. I had my own Mommy blog "Loving Heart Mommy" , some of you may remember me from there (2006-2013). My blog was hacked and I lost everything so now here I am again to start fresh and new with "Strategically Thinking". I know the title is a bit more serious, not necessarily being labeled as a Mommy Blog but a blog about a mixture of interests, we could call it an everyday and everything blog . I have too many interests to just label it one thing. Its a Mix, its where I am at the moment, its where I will be in the future, its fresh, new, and now!

I am proud to be called Mommy by my spirited and lively angels. I have 3 superboys and 1 precious princess. My youngest 2 are on the spectrum with High Functioning Autism.  My boys are the ages 11, 9, 5, and my daughter is 7 years old (updated 7/9/16). They remind me each and every day that I am a Wonder Woman. I strive to be the best I can be for them and to teach them all I know and more as I am responsible for their future in this world. Any posts about my children will feature nicknames that suite them based on their personality to ensure privacy.

 A bit more background on myself. I'm in my 30's, born in the South, raised mostly in the North. I'm a bit of city and country and I call home North Carolina.  I'm a Crohn's Disease Warrior, I have lived with Crohn's Disease/Ulcerative Colitis (1999-present) since right before my 16th birthday. I did not have cake, I did have Jell-o though!  I've had my ups and my downs (1 surgery-2000) 2nd surgery November of 2016, but I'm still standing strong, eating healthy, and trying to stay as physically fit as my body allows.

We have a dog (Bear), 3 cats (Orange Tabby named Rex, Grey Russian Blue named Jingles, and a wild female cat named Splat. We've had fish come and go but as of now we have 4 male beta fish and a few Tetras!  Its a full house but full of life, laughter, and love.

Life is an adventure, it will have roads where you just cruise happily enjoying it all and other roads that are dark, steep, and treacherous. We all have them, its life! I strive to make the most of my life, enjoy being here, and making a difference each and every day in someone's life. I pride myself on raising my children to be respectful, loving, humble, appreciative human beings. Education is important to me, along with reading and writing. Art is a must, draw what comes from your soul!

We need to be the light(s) that shines and make a positive difference. The world also needs to Love more.. we all need to Love more.. show love in all that you do! Smile because you may have changed someones bad day to a better one! 


updated 7/9/2016