Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adopt A Pet this Holiday-Fancy Felines- #petadoption #supportyourshelters

(this picture was from the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina, credit to photographer)

We participated in our local shelters "The 12 Strays of Christmas" adoption event!
They featured 12 stray dogs and 12 stray cats.

We chose Jolly, who we renamed to Jingles, he's a 3 month old silver tabby kitten and such a cutie! Great personality, friendly, and just a little fluff-ball of love!

Be sure to check your local animal shelter and Humane Society if your planning on adopting a dog or a cat. Research and read up on the animal you are about to adopt. Don't just choose a pet without some sort of experience. Each pet is different, they all have different needs, personalities, and it does cost to have a pet. You must feed them, bathe/groom them, keep them up to date with shots, entertain them, and exercise them! Almost like children, right? Its a alot of responsibility, they are not accessories or just a fad for the moment. You want them to be in your life forever.

 I personally prefer to adopt a pet from the Humane Society/animal shelter because this way they will have all and or/most of their starting shots, most places they already microchip them, and they have a record of your animal if they end up going missing! Those are some extra benefits plus you are saving a life and that is the most important thing of all.

Choose wisely, educate yourself, and make a difference in a pets life today!
They will furever love you for it!

If you don't want to adopt and you would like to help support a shelter, we support The Humane Society of Eastern CarolinaLike them here.  You can also help donate, one thing I like is that they have their own Amazon Wish List, you can see it here.


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