Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Decorating - The Christmas Tree


Decorating the Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree for Christmas is always a joy. We put up an artificial tree, ours is 10 ft. tall! Last year we made sure to cut out all of the old lights that had blown out and this year we replaced them with new strands of lights. 

Most of the decorations on our family tree are created by the kids! They love being able to partake in making the tree our own. We were able to find many ideas on Pinterest for making Christmas ornaments, a few of our favorites are Painted Christmas Ornaments, Paint your own Christmas Tree,  DIY Lighted Christmas Tree using Baby Food Jars, and Paint your own Wooden Snowflake. Most of our  supplies come from AC Moore, my favorite craft store and some stuff is crafted from recycling objects around the house like baby food jars, toilet paper rolls, etc.. Does your family make ornaments for your tree? Which ones are your all time favorite? I'd love to hear about your Christmas ornament creations in the comments box below!

(Rex pictured above)

Of course Rex and Cody had to join in on the fun! They kept running up and down the ladder and Cody even climbed inside the tree! I have a feeling we will be seeing Christmas decorations scattered about by the cats! At least there aren't too many breakable ornaments on our tree! We made sure to have most of our decorations be kid and kitten proof  to prevent from breaking!


How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a theme? How many trees do you put up for Christmas? We have a few more artificial trees outdoors and we've made some Deco Mesh Tomato Cage Christmas Trees w/lights. Check back for my tutorial on how to create your own! 


  1. Wow that's a big tree if you need a ladder. We like to add kids decorations to ours, too.

  2. We have no theme on our tree just lots of ornaments. The ornaments all have meaning so it makes it special.


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