Monday, December 1, 2014

This and That Stats

Welcome to Strategically Thinking! This blog is brand new as of this year (2014), I used to write as Loving Heart Mommy since 2006 but after a website hack we lost everything. I've finally resurfaced and created Strategically Thinking. 

I do not like to be labeled. The view for Strategically Thinking is writing with a bit more of an edge, creative pop, staying trendy and classy. I'm a mix, a step above all things average, with a creative flare! 

Our Stats
(updated monthly, constantly changing)

Facebook: 2,005
Twitter: 3,013
Instagram: 132
Pinterest: 285
Linked in: Just started
Google+: Just started
YouTube: Just started
Newsletter: Just started

Monthly UV: Message me
Monthly: Page views: Message me

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