Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015 #NewYear

Happy New Year, its now 2015! Have you made a list of New Years Resolutions?
Goals for the year? Dreams you would like to fulfill?

Here is my list of goals for 2015:

Eat better (eat balanced meals to put on weight)
I know everyone is usually trying to lose weight but in my case I need to gain weight! I'm roughly
at/around 90 lbs and I've lost most of my muscle I had gained last Summer during the winter months.
My goal is to eat small meals every few hours, most will include high amounts of protein. For example breakfast was 2 hard boiled eggs this morning and a biscuit with coffee. A few hours from now I will have a clementine and some celery sticks with peanut butter. Anything to add on some extra nutrients, along with protein, and fuel for my system!

Keeping the house Organized:
I almost always can find everyone elses stuff in the house but when it comes to my own stuff, I have everything scattered around. I need to keep my stuff organized, labeled, filed, put in a cube storage, etc! It has to be done before I go crazy! I already have slight OCD, my cluttery storage system isn't working for me!

Read more books:
I have a Kindle Fire HDX, I have e-books, I also have print books, I love to read! I want to read more books, I need to take the time to actually read more! There are many books I want to read this year, Game of Thrones series, the Hunger Games, True Blood Series, The Bible (study/devotion), and many more!

Do More Outside:
Walking,, walking the dog, playing with the kids, biking, just taking in the sun.
When I'm outside I tend to feel better health wise as long as its not over 100 % I'm good!

Take on Crafting Projects:
Kids love crafts, I love crafts, I want to have a craft of the week or bi-monthly, etc.. I typically craft items for Holiday decorating but I want to take on some projects that will be challenging yet fun!

We garden every year, I want to have a plan for my gardening this year. Location, fruits/veggies to grow, watering schedules, etc.. Last year my cucumbers didn't make it, this year I hope that they do! We plan on planting tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, romaine, green onions, maybe try to plant pumpkins for the fall! The kids would love growing their own pumpkins. I also plant flowers, I love having flowers all over the front porch, brightens things up!

Plan a fun-filled vacation:
I say plan because we have a big family. We need to figure out location, lodging, activities we will participate in, food options. There's a lot of planning that goes into our vacations! I believe this year we will vacation in Tennessee and I hope to go to one of the local beaches, we loved Ocracoke last year even though its on the pricier side with all the kids! I also want to a mini-getaway for me and my Teddy Bear (boating event, mountain getaway, etc..).

Save more, spend less:
This is something we need to do. Budgeting is vital with a big family that not only includes kids but also our pets! I plan on taking on some extreme couponing and sticking to lists/sales/etc..

There is more but I'm off to do some house cleaning!
Check back for makeup/beauty tips by me with pictures!

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