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Gretchen Carlson's "Getting Real" - Plus a $25GC Giveaway #bookreview #giveaway #familychristian

Releasing June 16th of 2015

Gretchen Carlson's "Getting Real" is an inspirational story about Gretchen's childhood and life. You may remember her as the national news reporter and Miss America Pageant winner.

Did you know she was a violinist, a prodigy of her day? Her story goes through the trials and tribulations of being an  especially talented violinist struggling to become something more. To be just one of the kids, to fit in, to find her place in the world. 

My Review:

I loved reading  "Getting Real", many of the events in Gretchen's life are very easy to familiarize yourself with. The struggle between being soo good at something but yet wanting to run from it to be something else, its all part of growing up, finding out who we are. Then the challenges she faces as a Miss America Pageant winner and then on to be a popular Fox news anchor on her show "The Real Story". She strives to find herself, to find success, and to keep God at the center of her life even today with her family and her demanding career.

Gretchen's biography inspires the reader, her strong character as a child and even as an adult today gives hope to those of us who may feel like giving up. Before reading her memoir I never knew she had been a violinist as a child or that she even was a 1989 Miss America Pageant winner from Minnesota. I always knew her as the strong female news anchor on Fox news.

When your in the spotlight people can dig around in your past like many did to Gretchen and exploit the very things about you that you disliked but overcame. For example Gretchen had been overweight as a child, even called "Miss Piggy", but she overcame her body and went on to win the Miss America Pageant. She shows a strength like no other and I believe she is a great role model for young women of today. You have to strive for success no matter what and keep God at the center of your life, then you are able to shine a light through any darkness that may try to follow you.

Her story is a must read, an inspiration for all. Releasing early June!

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