Thursday, June 18, 2015

Healthy Girls, Energy Balance, and the Girl Scouts #HealthyHabits

Let's get our Health on Girls!!!

Summer is here, that means getting outside, being active and having fun! I have some great tips for this summer for all girls thanks to the Girl Scouts and The Together Counts Program on how to incorporate healthy habits along with healthy lifestyles this Summer! 

Thanks to the Mom It Forward Blogger Net-work I bring you this post. This post is compensated by the Together Counts/Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital for my participation in this campaign. All opinions are solely my own.

The Girl Scouts have teamed up with the Together Counts Program to promote Energy Balance.

In partnership with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, the Girl Scouts developed three "healthy habits" booklets to easily incorporate energy balance into meetings, outings, events and adventures. The free booklets help guide girls as they learn to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Download these Healthy Habits Program & Booklets  (Daisy, Brownie, and Junior booklets)  for free:  Through the use of these free resources for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors, Girl Scout volunteers and families can guide girls in fun, easy ways to achieve "energy balance."

  • Between Earth & Sky Healthy Habits - girls learn about the many plants, trees, and animals that flourish in nature, and also build important leadership skills.
  • WOW! Wonders of Water with Healthy Habits - girls discover the many forms and paths that water takes and how to protect it. They also learn how to engage in teamwork, speak effectively to convey a message, and inspire others
  • Get Moving! with Healthy Habits - girls learn how to use their energy to protect Earth’s energy and build important leadership skills. Tips for Creating your Energy Balance this Summer:
Nature is a perfect place to start! Nature has so much to offer for fit and fab fun! Your local park typically has playgrounds, walking tracks, nature trails, fishing, camping, paddle boating, and outdoor sports. The Pool - In our area we have splash pads, community pools, member based pools and even a water-park nearby! Swimming and water sports are great ways to keep cool in the hot summer days all while keeping active! Don't forget the sunscreen!

Outdoor Sports/Games: Soccer, volleyball, tennis, the list goes on and on and many programs are available every summer in your area. Getting kids active with sports is a great way to incorporate energy balance. Get creative with outdoor games. Pitch up a volleyball net, badminton, shoot some hoops. Some games my family like to play are simple and fun like Four Square. Four Square just takes chalk, a lightweight bouncy ball, and 4 people. Its a fast paced game that keeps you moving!

Farm Fresh Fruits & Veggies - Our kids love checking out our local farmers market and farms in the area. Most of the farms carry a wide variety of in-season vegetables and fruit, dairy farms have milk and ice cream, and most allow tours for free! Its a good way to get the kids involved in making healthy food choices and helps to support local farmers. This would be an easy way to teach variety of good food choices by incorporating new foods that are good for your energy balance. #HealthyHabits

My daughter Laney Doll joined the Girl Scouts last Fall as a Daisy. The Girl Scouts is a great program for girls, their mission gives girls the opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun. They are very active in their missions with camping, crafts, outdoor activities, volunteering their time to help out others, and empowering girls of today. Its more than just selling cookies and earning badges, girls build confidence, stay active, and learn a lot of valuable lessons in the scouts!

Health and fitness have been part of Girl Scouting since girls ran foot races back in 1912! Camping has always been what everyone thinks about when you hear anyone mention the Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts' leadership program is girl-led. Girl scouts have great guidance from caring adult mentors. Mom's! you can volunteer! They have training courses online and in classroom settings available. If Girl Scouts is something that you are interested in click here to find your areas local council.

About the Together Counts Program: 

The Together Counts program is nationwide and provided by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to inspire active and healthy living via physical activity and nutrition, a fundamental underpinning of efforts to reduce obesity. The principle behind the program is called Energy Balance, which just means balancing the calories we consume with the calories we expend. 

Energy In: The Calories you get from eating and drinking.

Energy Out: The Calories you burn from physical activities. 

About the Girl Scouts of the Nation:
The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital is a nonprofit membership organization serving over 90,000 members grades K-12. Girl Scouting helps girls to develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and to provide the foundation for sound decision-making; and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others. 

Links of Interest to keep in the loop with Girl Scouts of the Nation & Together Counts:

  • Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital Twitter: On Twitter, GSNC shares council information including awards, resources, highlights from council events and volunteering opportunities.
  • Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital Facebook: Similar to Twitter, the GSNC Facebook page shares photo albums of troop activities, news from around the region, and partner content from Together Counts.
  • Together Counts Website –The website is consumer friendly—aimed at parents and educators and provides resources, tips, recipes and more.
  • Together Counts Blog – The Together Counts blog is the main source of all consumer-friendly news including HWCF campaigns, announcements and content from HWCF partners around the topic of healthy eating habits and incorporating more physical activity.
  • Together Counts Twitter – On Twitter, Together Counts shares everything from digital assets (video, infographics) to industry or conference news related to food in addition to campaign and partner news.
  • Together Counts Pinterest – Together Counts’ resource for sharing recipe inspiration from across the network, family activity ideas and pins from partners that relate to family eating and activity including Girl Scouts, Healthy Dining Finders, etc.

We are partnering with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital and Together Counts. The client’s partnership is with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, not Girl Scouts of the USA.  Together Counts is a program by the “Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation” .