Saturday, July 9, 2016

Meal Prep Must have - Meet your Master

Ultimate 3-in-1 Bundle

SmartPrep's 3 in 1 bundle for food preparing is the ultimate must have in your kitchen. Preparing food regardless if its for your lunch, dinner, or even the children's school lunch is now made so much easier with this bundle. I'm a Mom and I like to be able to prepare my own meals due to my diet and I'm even using this for my children for when school starts back as it  has enough room for their dietary needs. These are good for packing and preparing meals, on-the-go, packing a picnic lunch, this is your must have meal prep set!

Let me tell you what all is included in this awesome bundle! A slim HD tempered glass digital scale, which will help to portion out and weigh your food to be placed in the 1 of the 10 snap tight containers. The containers are made out of very firm and sturdy plastic, very durable! The scale can weigh accurately from 0.05oz to 12lbs (1g to 5750g). The 3 section meal containers feature the following: 32oz: 8oz, 8oz & 16oz sections. The containers are also microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe for re-use! Added bonus is that they are BPA and DHEP free!

Digital HD Scale

Making a salad? Slicing some veggie pasta? Included is a super cool SpiralBuddy® Premium Vegetable Spiralizer. The SpiralBuddy® Premium Vegetable Spiralizer has 4 blade sizes made of stainless steel.

Looking for some meal prep ideas and ways to effectively use your SpiralBuddy? This set includes a BONUS of 2 free e-books titled: The Easy Guide to Meal Prep for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain & Delicious & Healthy Spiralizer Recipes.

If your not completely satisfied you are obligated to a full 30 day refund but I'm sure you will love this bundle because its one of the best ones I've seen on the market for the amount of products and the quality.

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I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are personally mine, I test out everything personally that I buy before writing up my review to help ensure that you are getting my honest opinion on the product(s).  Affiliate links may be included in this post.