Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas is 1 Week Away!!!

(My "First" Picture ever with Santa Claus and my 2 youngest children)

It's the most wonderful time of the year according to singer/song writer Andy Williams. One of my favorite Christmas songs sang by Harry Connick Jr.... It may have not particularly felt that way this year as 2016 has been a harsh one for many, those far and those near.

Regardless of all that.. what have you and your family been doing to ensure Christmas is still a jolly one? Whether with good ol' Saint Nick or Jesus as the Reason for the Season? When I was a kid I always heard many of the older folks say "it's for the kids" keep Christmas a magical time for the kids. I never quite understood that until I had my own children. They were right, it's for the kids, their imaginations run wild when it gets closer and closer to Christmas. I was raised pretty religious so we didn't over pitch Santa Claus, Jesus was the reason for our season. The birth of Christ, the 3 wise men, the gifts from the Wise Men. I don't have a problem with Santa and I never really pitched Santa to my children. Santa for my kids has been talked about/taught from peers and school and of course social media (since it's pretty much in all of our faces these days). 

 My conclusion.. let them have their creativity run wild, its a bit of magical cheer and it is supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year". Let the kids have that...we owe that to them.

With all that being said.. be merry, sing carols, help your fellow neighbor, donate to a charity, be grateful for what you've got, make a difference in a child's life this season. 

Merry Christmas!


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